Semester is done, final grades are in… all A’s for me.  I worked for those, so yay *happy dance*  I could bitch about the crazy that was the end of that Com class but you know what, it’s done and I never have to see that  incompetent woman ever again so all is right in my world.  Nor do I ever have to work with the lazy ass people in who were in my group… thank God.

I got a 100% on that group project.  Damn straight I did.  I think I would have exploded at anything less.  It does make me wonder what everyone else go tho….

With it all done… I guess I just don’t really care that I’m not that great at public speaking.  I mean yes, I got an A in the class mostly thanks to tests and papers… my presentations, besides the group one, received B’s… by no means horrible but I know I am not great with public speaking due to my anxiety with it.  It’s just highly unlikely that I will do much in life that will require great public speaking skills.  And I have found from other classes that as long as you present your information, most people don’t give too much of a shit if you read from notes,etc.  I realize in this class we were observed for particular things that in real life… nobody is going to call you on.  When I listen to someone speak I’m not sitting there thinking “oh are they using a conversational tone with me?  are they looking at their notes too much?  what are they doing with their hands?”  …unless of course it is something ridiculously distracting.

The only real benefit of that Com class was exposure therapy.  Between that class and the other I gave 4 presentations this semester.  That is more than I have done in several years all together.  I’m grateful for the experience, I needed it.  It’s refreshing to know that I finally conquered something I had been running away from since my very first semester of college when I just freaked out and truly believed that I could not do this class.


Now I need to figure out what I am going to do with my “summer”.  Ha, summer.  It feels like anything but summer here the past couple days…  highs have barely reached the 50s.  Of course it is supposed to warm up but tonight definitely felt more like a brisk fall night more than anything.  I have had the heat on for the past 2 days inside.

But yes… what to do with my “summer”.  I definitely know I must limit my mindless entertainment and actually do productive things.  I have so many things, I mean to do and then I just fritter away my time doing things that don’t really matter.  All the untouched things that I’ve been “too busy” for…

I have been so restless since the last final.  In a way I don’t know what to do with myself when I don’t have some kind of structure to follow.  I guess giving myself one might be important.


On a completely random note… we went and saw The Great Gatsby tonight.  It was very interesting visually.. that was definitely most of its appeal for me.  Couldn’t help feeling like it needed to be about 30 or 40 minutes shorter though.



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