• I need to figure out what Christmas-y treats I am making this year and acquire the ingredients at the store.
  • I’m not really in the mood to make baklava this year but last year I fucked it up so badly because I tried something new and nobody had the heart to tell me.  I must have redemption.
  • I haven’t finished Christmas shopping yet.
  • White House Custom Color tickles my pickle.  That sounds pervy. It’s not.
  • My computer chair is such a horrible thing that I don’t use my own computer much anymore.
  • I have a lot of dreams in which we have moved back into one of our old apartments.  Sometimes they feel like nightmares.  Sometimes they are happy.  I know what they mean though.  It was like the years I spent dreaming about a big house that was kept in pristine condition that I always got lost in until one night the damn house was a mess and I knew exactly where I was going and I never had the dream again.
  • I’ve been talking about making macarons for the past 2 or 3 years and still have never done it.
  • Current superficial goals: Step up my eyebrow game and learn how to apply false lashes.
  • My African dwarf frogs make me oh so happy when they sing to me. (Okay they are really singing to each other but I like to pretend it is to me.)
  • Speaking of animal noises, degus make a whole lot of weird ones.  And do awesome ninja kicks at each other when they are in a battle for “you have something I want”
  • People are so RUDE this time of year.  If I am out again before Christmas, and I get rammed with a cart one.more.freaking.time you might see me on the evening news  (okay no, bad Raychel.  Zen mode.  Zen mode).  Everybody is so hurry, hurry, you’re in my way, oh my god i need to get the gallon of milk right now or my entire world will collapse… that if I were able to step out of their way and just observe them it would almost be comical.

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