☆I’m not sure why I can be ready to conk out at 10pm, decide to stay up a little later, and it suddenly be 5am and I can’t sleep.

☆There’s like a never ending supply of naughty food in my house that I have little willpower against.  Why won’t it just go away?!

My hair is super brassy and looks terrible.   I have hair dye and Ardell Un Red so I have no excuse not to fix it. I colored it but please remind me to color it before bed next time bc it just looks so flat and terrible without a fresh shampoo.

☆I’ve started taking selfies everyday again.   I don’t post them anywhere, I just do it to remind myself that I’m worthy of my own admiration. 

☆Why are animal cruelty commercials only on at like 5am?   Is it so the people sitting up stewing in their existential angst feel really depressed?

☆Ice-t should go back to his suit and tie look he rocked on his first season of SVU. 

☆I have been seriously debating buying a case (which contains 24 packs) of violet flavored candy bc I am obsessed with things that smell and taste like violets.  My logic tells me that this would most likely be a lifetime supply.

☆I’m still kinda sad Christmas is over.

☆There were 3 of us in the living room last night “watching tv”…. we were all staring at screens that were not the tv.  Oy.

☆I quit tanning months ago bc it finally dawned on me how dumb it was to pay to give myself cancer, but I was watching a video from last year when Moki was little and caught a glimpse of my tan legs a felt a tinge of longing.  But my skin looks vastly healthier since I stopped.   Except my legs have become very very itchy and dry again, I have to lube them up with a strong lotion at least twice a day.  It makes no sense why they are drier now when I’m actually not baking my skin under uv light but okay.

☆  I had a lot of various things I could have written about for Holidailies posts this year but for obvious reasons my heart just wasn’t in it.

☆ I’m only excited for the New Year because it means new makeup comes out in the drugstores.  That’s my little materialistic thing that I can’t give up… new makeup products every New Year.  Yay.

☆Addict friend has reemerged making contact with a text asking how we are doing.  I am currently ignoring it.  I don’t know rather to bother responding since it is likely I won’t hear from her for another 3 weeks or not.  Her random nosiness into my life is no more intrusion than a Facebook friend I don’t really talk to I suppose, but at the same time I can’t help but to feel like she is poison in my life.  I guess I am still mad at myself a bit for trying to let her back into my life when she was hiding so much of hers from me.  Lesson learned, I won’t make that mistake again.

☆Every single time I wear  nail polish out that is a matte glitter finish I get tons of compliments on it.  My sequined purse causes a similar commotion.  Before Christmas I had a lady slow down in the street and yell out her car window “I LOVE YOUR PURSE”.  I guess if I am having a shitty day I only need something shiny for people to compliment to bring a smile to my face.  Heh.

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