also.. I don’t know what Facebook’s algorithm is or whatever when it comes to showing “popular” news… but I apparently have people on my friends list that I totally forgot were there until Facebook is like OH LOOK AT THEIR FANTASTIC NEWS THEY ARE PREGNANT YAY COME COMMENT ON THEIR PREGNANCY POST AND GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ABOUT THEIR ULTRASOUND PICTURES AND SHIT.

I swear to god I log in like once a week and there’s always a gawddamn pregnancy announcement at the top of my page.  Just ughhh…fuck off with that shit Facebook. 

This is also clearly a sign that it is time to just clean off my friends list.  For as little as I’m on there I would actually like just a handful of people I actually interact with rather than a bunch of acquaintances. I want to see the news from the people I care about and not the ramblings of people I hoped I would forget forever after high school but felt like I couldn’t say no at the time to a request of friendship over the internet (as one such example.. there are others…like things I had in common with people at one time but no longer have anything in common with ever and never will again.)



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