i’m tired, even if it is 2:47am, that is odd

I’m thinking about visiting my dad this weekend.  I’ll have to go without Ki though because my dad has smoked up his house and I haven’t wanted to touch the subject of “my husband cannot be exposed to your second hand smoke now that we know what we know please and thank you.”  Because my dad will take it personally, especially since my brother is always attacking him about his smoking addiction, and it will just make me mad and yeah.  If my dad wants to have Easter or something at his house this year I don’t know, I’m going to have to broach the subject at some point.

This week went by really fast.  The weeks always go by fast.  Some days are painfully slow but the weeks always go by fast.

I’ve been doing a lot of purging of things lately.  That is one reason I want to go to my dad’s, mostly to meet my sister there, I have a bunch of things destined for Goodwill bins and I want to see if she wants anything before I donate it.  I was hoping to get another spare closet gone through before the weekend but I don’t know if it is going to get done.  Tonight I went through the closet in my office/studio/whatever room which is mostly craft and art supplies and reorganized it and put a decent amount of stuff in a giveaway bag.  On days that I don’t know what to do with myself I need to remind myself of all the projects I have to work on.

Ki thought yesterday he might have to call the doctor about the medication adjustment but today things are going well so we are still waiting and seeing if everything pans out with that.

We got a truck.  We got it because of his liver basically.  Such a weird reason to get a truck eh?  Well it is because there have been many times this winter where we were snowed in our driveway.  We could not leave because our cars could not get through the snow.  We live in the country so this is a real issue.  If there had been an emergency we wouldn’t have been able to drive to the hospital or anything simply because we couldn’t get out of our driveway, even when the main roads were cleared.  Or if he goes on the transplant list and they call us in the middle of a big snow or something.  Can’t shovel out either because our driveway is long.  It’s one thing I took for granted living in town, never having to worry about shoveling out.  So he got a truck so we could get out of driveway if we needed to during the winter months.  It came in handy today for non emergency reasons because once again we wouldn’t have been getting out of the driveway without it.


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