dear universe,

Have I said how lately how grateful I am that my husband continues to be in good health despite the labels his body now carries?  Because I am.  Ever so grateful.  I know I don’t always show it.  Sometimes I am just afraid that I will jinx it.  I know that isn’t really possible, but I’m kind of superstitious.

I know I complain a lot but sometimes I just need to get it out so I don’t carry it with me beyond the words that I spew out.  That is why sometimes when I am alone and something falls on the floor… or I can’t find something… the outburst is more than what is called for, because there are little explosions that occasionally go off and then it takes a little while for them to surface, and I am wise enough to let them out when no one is home to hear.  Except sometimes I think I probably scare the pets to death.  I always seem to remember that they listen to my words a little too late.

When I was 8, after my mom and dad’s divorce, a counselor told my mom that I was a volcano, and I guess nothing has ever really changed.


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