You Think You Know

This is a blog about the life of a girl who currently has no idea where life is taking her, but knows where she hopes it takes her. At least she thinks she does but that tends to change day to day.

I am 25 (and since turning 25, decided I will always be 25, thus this blog will say that if I am 40 and still writing.  Ha!   Now you wonder how old I am don’tcha?) happily married, with furkids but no real human babies, although it weighs heavily on my mind. At times.  Other times it doesn’t.  Recent surveys has shown that I decided to put this off until 28-30.

I go to school, and have been there since I was 20, once confused now realizing and going for my BA in Psychology and minors in Fine Arts and Comparative Religion.  I do photography in my spare time… part hobby part freelance job.  I hope to eventually get my masters in Art Therapy, something I wanted to do since I was 16 but let too many things initially get in my way.

This is a personal blog about my life, my ramblings.  There is no real topic, just many.  You’ll only want to follow it if you find me the least bit interesting, which you probably won’t, but I appreciate it if you find something that sparked your interest and stopped by.  Otherwise you might find it interesting if you’re my friend, but I won’t hold it against you if you don’t.

There’s a lot of me trying to dig deeper into myself, there’s some stuff about my hobbies, there’s things I find.  A hodge podge of randomness, which describes me perfectly.


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