boring post is boring.

Seasonal Affective Disorder is trying to kill me.  So is my ulcer.  But despite them both I finally finally finally put up the Xmas lights on the porch this evening.  We also managed to finally drag the Xmas tree inside off of the porch and undertook a 45 minute adventure of getting the fucking thing into the tree stand and actually standing straight.  Decorating it is for another day.  So is maybe, hopefully, possibly stringing up some lights in the back yard.  I also keep promising my dad some ham & beans and that has yet to happen.

Minus some anxiety I was feeling pretty good tonight.  And then I ate and took some supplements.  And my stomach promptly started.  And then I was mad at myself for eating and taking the supplements together because there was no way to know which one started the mess.  So tomorrow I think I am going to skip the supplement I think might be aggravating my symptoms and see what happens.

I keep thinking how I need to find the motivation to finish unpacking the house.  It’s been 2 months. I mean come on really girl, get your shit together.



Starting some Christmas Decorations

A brief moment of “oooooo I know what I can do with that” led to the start of some Christmas decorating.

It started with my flower pot holder….thingy that I bought the end of this summer.  I knew there had to be something seasonal I could do with it and sure enough… some floral foam, floral picks, shatterproof ornaments, beaded garland, and lights.

And from there, I got inspiration to create some wreaths