impending doctor marathon.

I can’t seem to find the energy to write, I just keep staring at a blank screen mostly wishing I could sleep at night.  I feel like Christmas is creeping up much too fast and I’m not getting to enjoy the season.  I’m even still decorating.  Every since we have moved it feels like the days fly by and I’m not sure why.  Time moves faster 50 minutes south I guess.

We finally got word on Ki’s blood tests from the Monday after his last hospital stay.  The cortisone seems to be working very well and is upping and maintaining his sodium levels.  This is both good and bad.  Good for obvious reasons but the bittersweetness comes from the fact that when the sodium meld scores kick in in January he may not get as many additional points as he would have previously.  It is my understanding that he should still get some as he’s still under the normal range but I’m not entirely sure how it all works.  We are going to have to ask the transplant hepatologist. I’m just ready for him to get offered a liver.  The sodium being added to the meld gave me some hope of an end in sight… Will have to wait and see what the dr has to say about it all.

Speaking of that, next Monday.  I hate driving down there but it is a much easier drive now that we do live 50 minutes further south.  It will be a long day though… Both transplant hepatologist and TIPS check.  So blood work, dr office, ultrasound, dr office.  It is very wearing emotionally more than anything.  I hope we will both have enough energy to do something afterwards to make it feel like we weren’t there just for medical stuff… There’s a florist next to trader joes that decorated for Christmas I hope we can stop by.  And maybe if we’re both still in a good mood I’ll drive alllll the way to the other end of 86th street and go to the Asian and Indian grocery.  

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